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25 May 2019

This week, RCR had brunch at Derby, an upscale restaurant and part of a car club in SODO.

West Seattle 15 mile route

This week’s route was absolutely incredible and while the forecast showed rain, we got none of it during the run. We started in the industrial district of Seattle and went over the West Seattle bridge to hit the Alki trail. More than half of the run was along the gorgeous Puget Sound. After touching the tip of Alki, we ran south to make a big loop around West Seattle and finally got back to the industrial district to get 15 miles.


Derby is one of the few brunch options in Seattle’s industrial district. It is part of a country club for car enthusiasts and even provides a viewing area for customers to look at fancy cars! While the interior adds a club-like feel to the restaurant there is also a lounging area with big, cozy couches.

We ordered hash bowls (both veggie and beef), biscuit sandwiches, and coffee all of which was delicious. While meat-eaters will have no problem finding their perfect comfort food at Derby, vegetarians/vegans may be forced to settle for the veggie hash.

Veggie Hash
Biscuit Sandwich

We will certainly consider Derby in the future, especially if we end a run in SODO.


Food: 3 hot rods out of 5
Drink: 5 cups of coffee out of 5
Wait time: 1 minute (just to set up our table)
Chill Factor: 5 sweaty runners out of 5