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Agua Verde

27 May 2019

Marathon training is in full swing, and we’ve started running on Mondays in addition to our Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday runs. And this Monday was Memorial Day, so we ran in the morning and got brunch afterwards.

The route wasn’t anything we haven’t done a million times before. We started from CSE, ran up to Greenlake, then south to Fremont, and finished the loop on the Burke. However, the weather was gorgeous, and good times were had by all.

Since we ended near the University, we went to a local favorite, Agua Verde, a combination Mexican restaurant and kayak rental shop that sits right on the water overlooking Portage Bay. Since the weather was so nice, we sat on the outdoor deck and got great views of the water and Eastlake.

Agua Verde

We ordered tacos (of the salmon, yam, and rockfish variety) and a burrito, as well as fruity drinks of various kinds. We also got chips and guacamole and tried the various salsas from the salsa bar. (The diablito is not actually hot; it’s a lie. The habanero, on the other hand, is.)

Salmon Tacos
Boniato Tacos

Agua Verde recently changed ownership, and the new owners have tweaked some of the menu. For instance, the salmon tacos now come with kale. I thought the kale craze had died down, but apparently in Seattle kale is like grunge and does not go gently into that good night.

Overall, though, the food was good, and we will doubtless come back in the future as we have many times in the past.


Food: 3 fish tacos 5
View: 5 kayakers out of 5
Wait time: Usually low
Fruit-shaped table markers: On point
Chill Factor: Sadly, they do require you to wear a shirt and shoes, but that’s where the requirements end.