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Endolyne Joe's

29 June 2019

Bienvenue à la Nouvelle-Orléans et Endolyne Joe’s!

With marathon training in full swing, this week RCR ran the 20 miles from Golden Gardens to the west side of West Seattle. The weather was excellent and the views were almost amazing enough to make us forget that we were running for more than three hours. Almost.

Most of the route was on familiar turf for us. Only a mile or so south of Alki Beach, near the Vashon Ferry terminal, did we finally venture onto new terrain. It turns out there’s a giant hill there. Who knew?

Golden Gardens to West Seattle

Fortunately, after the giant hill there is Endolyne Joe’s, a restaurant which features a different region of the Americas every few months with a special menu and extensive decor. When we went, they were paying tribute to New Orleans. And let me tell you, it looked like the French Quarter blew up inside the restaurant, in a good way. There were Mardi Gras beads and masks, giant paper mache jazz instruments, and street signs from the Crescent City.

We started off with an order of beignets which, as is right and proper, were served in a paper bag filled with way too much powdered sugar. The beignets also came with a delicious blueberry compote. They were hot and delicious. About as good as can be this far from Cafe du Monde.


The orders around the table varied. The Andouille sausage skillet with a Cajun pepper hash was excellent. The forager’s omlette was another favorite.

Sausage Skillet

All in all, our trip to the Big Easy was an excellent way to recover from a weekend long run. We hear that the restaurant will turn its attention to Puerto Rico soon. We’ll have to come back.


Food: 4 beignets out of 5
Wait time: low
Music: on point
Chill Factor: Laissez le bon temps rouler